Monday, April 12, 2010

Top 2 excuses people give for not going Opensource

1)Why bother?
           Most people just don't care about software. As long as they are able to play music, play games and log in to facebook they're satisfied. that's all they expect from their comp!! They don't want to experiment, try somethin new, explore and exploit the the full capabilities of their stupid box If you are not this type then continue reading.

 2)Quality never comes free:
          Most people believe that since opensource software are usually free,they are no good as nothing good comes free in lyf . This is absolutely wrong. opensource supporters such as us know that  
"All Good Things in Life Come Free."


  1. not bad, pretty decent points, but this is not suffecient!! try 2 add sum more!

    yours sincerely,
    ur tweets folower

  2. i think u r right...
    i've tried convincing many to use open source but almost all of them replied saying its complicated...
    But they don't understand that they find Windows easy only because they are used to it...
    if every person on earth never wanted to try something new we'd never have had airplanes, cars, cycles...even the silliest hairstyle came into being only because that person experimented....

  3. ok lets try to promote it 4m now on lets show to d world wat open source is made of