Friday, March 26, 2010

what is open source software??

You maybe wondering what's actually open source software is! Its basically a free software and the user has every right to MODIFY, SHARE (even sell) and do anything with the  software!! and all this for free!! now you may think what's so great in that!! actually
you can modify anything and everything of that software      ( but one thing you MUST know :- programming )!!

but what if a layman like me or you doesn't know how to program!!
solution :- learn programming :(
make the max utilization of these free software which has the best quality!!
proof :- millions edit and solve the problems (remove bugs) in open source and the problem is actually solved within days (hours actually) whereas in paid and other kinda of software such as Microsoft's there's nothing you and i can do if something goes wrong !! only solution wait for another few years for the next release :(
so support open source software!!
you may feel dis might some software shit!! but when you see its capabilities ,its user interface, stability, features and everything else  is all awesome!!

please comment!!  your reviews are essential for us!! :)

so support opensource software!!
if u wanna see the list of all open source softwares then go to this wiki link

and if you want to download millions of open source software then go to

and if you want to read the licence of open source software then visit this

signed  :
pavan the opensourcer


  1. wat u say is nice but, can u give me a few exampls for dis??

  2. re: yeah there are millions!! to name a few, wikipedia
    is a open source site!! firefox web browser!! Linux operating systems such as ubuntu, Linux mint... ,
    open the open source clone of ms office,
    vlc media player, an all format open source player!!
    to see the list just visit the link in my post!!!

  3. Pavan didn't get it 100% right when he said that bugs in opensource software get corrected within days.Usually the popular ones do correct the errors(bugs) within days.A good example is the Ubuntu Linux which has an update every 6 months( each much better than the last version.

    But unnoticed software may have a release once in 3-5 years or never due to lack of support.So do support opensource and be a part of a revolution.

  4. its true what u is a revolution!!!

  5. there is a grammatical mistake in that post of yours!!
    check it :P